Special issue on illicit networks  in Global Crime:





Recent conference presentations:


Hughes, C., Chalmers, J., Bright, D. A., & McFadden, M. (2015, May). Exposing Australia’s poly-drug trafficking networks. Presented at the International Society for the Study of Drug Policy. Ghent, Belgium.

Bright, D. A., Malm, A., Koskinen, J., & O’ Connor, A. (2014, December). Criminal network dynamics: The formation and evolution of a drug trafficking network. Paper presented at the 6th Illicit Networks Workshop, Adelaide, Australia.

Bright, D. A., Greenhill, Ritter, Britz, Morselli (2015, November) Dismantling and disrupting criminal networks: Using computer simulations to test the effectiveness of law enforcement interventions.  Presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Society of Criminology, Thematic Panel: Social network analysis as a support for law enforcement agencies against organized crime, San Francisco, USA.

Bright D. A., Greenhill, C., Reynolds, M., Ritter, A., Morselli, C. (2013, October).  The use of node-level attributes and centrality measures to identify key actors: a case study of a drug trafficking network. Paper presented at the 5th Illicit Networks Workshop, Los Angeles, USA.

Bright D. A., Greenhill, C., Ritter, A., Morselli, C. (2013, September).  Dismantling and Disrupting Dark Networks: Lessons from Social Network Analysis and Computer Simulation.  Dark Networks Conference. West Point, USA

Bright D. A. (2013, June).  Disrupting drug trafficking networks: Identifying the hidden key actors.  Presented at the 2013 Drug Policy Modelling Program Symposium, Canberra, Australia.

Bright D. A., Greenhill, C., Ritter, A., Morselli, C., & Gilroy, H.  (2013, May). Multiplexity in a drug trafficking network: Using multiple types of directed ties to illuminate network structure.  Paper presented at the Sunbelt XXXIII Conference of the International Network of Social Network Analysis, Hamburg, Germany.